About Black Falcon Gear

Hi.  My name is John Paul (JP for short) Maltes.  My wife (Anne) and I run Black Falcon Gear.  We imagine and design the majority of the logos you see on our site.  Back in the Summer of 2017 we were looking at the jiu jitsu marketplace and noticed there were not a lot of shirts or designs on apparel that expressed our opinions or shared our values of what jiu jitsu means to us.  Each design that we do is an expression of us.  It’s a little piece of our humor, our thought process, or our beliefs.  If you think about it, whenever you wear a shirt or hat or article of clothing with a message on it, you are agreeing with that message.  We wanted to do something that was a reflection of us and share it with everyone else.

Our Jiu Jitsu Journey

There is a whole blog where my wife is sharing her story with you.  Please feel free to visit it at www.thejiujitsujourney.com.  We are currently both blue belts in BJJ under Professor Kelly (Power of Leverage) in Huntington Beach, CA.  Not only does he hold multiple Gold Medals and titles from IBJJF, NABJJF, and SJJIF but he has an incredible passion for his students that is contagious.

Prior to that, we studied under Javier Blanchard (Javier Blanchard Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) in Anaheim, CA.  He earned his black belt from Professor John Machado (John Machado Jiu-Jistu Academy). 

Like many, our jiu jitsu journey has had its hurdles but we absolutely love it because it’s something that we do together as a family.